LPGA State Farm Classic in Springfield IL

THR & Associates booth at the LPGA State Farm ClassicTHR & Associates is proud to sponsor the LPGA State Farm Classic in Springfield, Illinois this week. Stop by our booth for some freebies or visit our stand located on the 17th hole to check out the action in progress.

THR & Associates 17th Hold Stand at LPGA State Farm Classic Springfield IL

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Thank You Letter to THR and Associates and Cash For Tools

Cash for Tools with THR & AssociatesThe following thank you letter was sent to Gary Denomme with the Cash for Tools division of THR & Associates recently in appreciation for the services provided to a family in Michigan. Congratulations to Gary and team for a job well done!

Dear Mr. Denomme,

I would like to express my sincere heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful services you, your team, and THR provided to my family and friends in Michigan.

As you may remember, a family friend passed away in January 2011. During his life-time he “hoarded” thousands of things at his residence, accumulating it over 50 years. Due to the sheer volume of items packed into his house and garage, we did not know where to begin.

Tools, books, records, magazines, car parts, lawn equipment, shop equipment, and so many other items made it impossible for us to determine a value, let alone decide how to liquidate this collection, short of renting a dumpster and throwing it all out.

You and Shaun came in, surveyed, cataloged, and sorted through the entire mess in one day. Then the THR team was able to efficiently segregate and value, by genre, most all the items and then offer considerable and fair compensation for them.

In addition, you brought more team members in with a trailer and hauled everything away, which provided much needed space in the house and garage along with signing over a check for the agreed upon value for all the items.

While removing the purchased items, we were extremely pleased to be told that an envelope filled with $4,000 was found. Not only did we receive money from THR for the value of the items and get the residence cleaned up in one efficient process, the team was honest enough to notify us of the money envelope!

You and your team at THR were fantastic! Everyone we had the pleasure of working with was honest and fair. I highly recommend doing business with THR as the outcome was profitable and beneficial for my friends and family.

Thank you very much for everything!
Tom from Westland, Michigan

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Need a Job? Your Job Search Ends With THR, Now Hiring For Job Openings

THR & Associates is hiring for job openings in all positions with salaries from $40K – $200K/year! THR is a $300 million company with over 800 employees spread throughout the US, Canada and Europe in various divisions, including the Treasure Hunters Roadshow, Ohio Valley Gold & Silver Refinery, International Coin Collectors Association, International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association and Cash For Tools. For more information and to apply, visit http://dld.bz/THRJobs.

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Spotlight on String Holders.

By: Christopher Christenson Antiques Researcher

In the antiques and collectibles field, we often run across curios with seemingly mysterious functions. Treasure Hunters Roadshow is no exception. Sellers consistently bring in unusual items to our shows for evaluation and accordingly, vintage string dispensers are a great example of these rare finds.


String holders, or dispensers, gained their popularity prior to World War II. They were used to hold and dispense twine in the kitchen for everyday use such as tying packages, laundry, and household wrapping. Designed to match decor of different eras, you could find a multitude of colors and various shapes. As cellophane tape became more readily available after the war, their prevalence decreased . Shortly after, advancements in the durability of tape products effectively ended the need for string or twine as a household product.


Some of the common themes of these charming, wall mounted dispensers found today include: chefs, cutesy ladies, children, fruit and animals. While Treasure Hunters Roadshow will pay a premium for more rare and unusual dispensers, all are highly sought after by our collectors. As more of these are turning up at Treasure Hunters Roadshow events, the market for such items has continued to grow. String dispensers are often overlooked as typical decorative porcelain, so be vigilant in your search for them. There’s bound to be one hiding at your local flea market, yard sale, or already in your basement.


When you do come across one, bring it in to the next Treasure Hunters Roadshow event and see what our collectors are willing to pay for yours!

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It’s a perfect time to sell your antiques and collectibles at the Treasure Hunters Roadshow.

By Anthony Enright, Contributor

Treasure Hunters Roadshow is traveling to your hometown and we’re looking to purchase antiques and collectibles of all kinds. There hasn’t been a better time to sell your collectibles and here’s why:

It’s a seller’s market.  The Treasure Hunters Roadshow has thousands of collectors and dealers worldwide who want to buy your antiques and collectibles.  Our list of collectors and dealers is growing on a daily basis; the more collectors and dealers that are looking for items, the more desirable your antiques and collectibles become. Our collectors have occasionally paid more than market value for highly desirable items. You won’t have that opportunity anywhere else!

We take care of the hard part of selling. Treasure Hunters Roadshow makes the connections to multiple collectors for you. We also take care of shipping charges, insurance, and take caution to protect your items when transferring them to their new home. There are no possibilities of the buyer having to send you back your item because it cracked or broke during shipment. Treasure Hunters Roadshow will take care of all of that!

You’re paid on the spot. You have the opportunity to get paid on the spot at a Treasure Hunters Roadshow event.  There’s no waiting around for checks once your items have been assessed and bids have become available to you. Selling your items through consignment or at an auction house can take weeks or even months before you’re paid.  You can also bypass those auction house fees when selling to Treasure Hunters Roadshow.

There is no limit to the amount of items you can bring into the show and there’s no limit as to how many times you can come back. If you’re wanting to pay off some bills or take a vacation, start digging today. Those cluttered basements and chests in your attic could hold the key to that big check from Treasure Hunters Roadshow!

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El Paso Residents Invited to Participate in Treasure Hunters Roadshow TV Shoot

Treasure Hunters Roadshow travels to El Paso, Texas to film scenes for an upcoming television program from February 8 through February 12, 2011. For a chance to take part in filming for the TV program, El Paso residents are invited to bring their rare collectibles and antiques to the Embassy Suites El Paso for evaluation by antique experts from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Producers seek to showcase highly unique items in the program and encourage collectors to visit and show off their prized possessions. Intent to sell is not necessary for inclusion in the show, but the ability to boast definitely is required. To discuss a piece or collection, determine interest and schedule filming in advance, please email your information to thrtv@ez3media.com.

Treasure Hunters Roadshow TV is hosted by Andy St. Clair, a veteran of Chicago’s Second City who uncovers unusual treasures, historical attractions, pop culture references, artisans, unique food and interesting locales throughout the United States. Currently scheduled for inclusion in the El Paso show are Nevena Christi at Rocketbuster Boots, an Andy Warhol collector, and Concordia Cemetery. Local residents will also be stars of the El Paso episode as they share interesting information about their prized collections and prove that behind every treasure there is a story.

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How to Sell Collectibles to Treasure Hunters Roadshow

An example of how to sell antiques to the Treasure Hunters Roadshow and the buying process involved is demonstrated by Craig in Miami, who has valuable knowledge about his items and is happy with the sale of his collectible tin toys.

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